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companion training - obedience training


Quotes We have an enthusiastic 5 year old american staffy X. After many issues with our dog jumping on people and not having much self control we contacted Garry and Liz for HELP. We have had three visits from this lovely couple so far and the change in our girl has been nothing short of amazing. They have helped us to understand our dog and have taught us how to change our behaviour to get our girl to a place where she is more focused on what we want from her.We love their focus on positive reinforcement. Life at home is becoming much easier and we are now enjoying walking with our girl - no more taking us for a walk. Quotes
sharon appla
Satisfied Mum and Dad

Quotes I adopted a 2yo Husky from the RSPCA with no known background or history. Being his age, he had the attitude of a 13yo teenager and the same attention span and want to bend the rules. I desperately sought Gary & Liz for guidance, answers and help! To which all were achieved. I had learnt so much about Cookie, through their knowledge and commitment to dogs. How they communicate with us to how they smell. From Gary and Liz's fantastic hands on training, I have gained so much respect from my dog 'Cookie' and we now both ENJOY walks without having my arm dislocated, his 'naughty' behaviours have subsided and will actually come back when he is called (which is something he had no interest in, in the beginning). I would recommend Gary & Liz for their huge amount of knowledge, hands on learning; for both you and your dog and their patient and understanding nature. Cookie and I now share a huge bond, one I was skeptical would become so great after his relocation from the RSPCA. Thank You Quotes

Quotes We recently adopted ?Rue? from the RSPCA; an energetic, jumping, highly affectionate 7 month old Staghound X. With the help, knowledge and expertise of both Gary and Liz, our new puppy is now much more relaxed, responds well on command and has become a valuable and welcome addition to our family. Thank you for providing us with the skills and tactics to become responsible dog owners; the knowledge you have shared will ensure that we remain the ?pack leaders? and continue to teach and develop Rue?s abilities for years to come. Quotes
Katie & Bryce Felini

Quotes Well it is safe to say that we were well and truly in over our heads when we brought home our very boisterous Boxer Cross puppies. One year on our big puppies were displaying some very naughty and destructive behaviour - jumping, barking, knocking down fences, we could barely even walk them! We knew that we needed help and contacting Gary and Liz was the best decision that we could have ever of made. Their knowledge and ability to help our two dogs as well as the both of us were amazing. Gary and Liz's techniques of using a positive rewards and their approaches to becoming the pack leader has made for a very positive experience. The difference in our dogs have been quite astounding and the changes in our dogs behaviours means our household is now a more pleasant place for all of us, our neighbours and visitors. Thank-you Gary and Liz! Quotes
Karina and Tom
Levi and Gracie's parents

Quotes "The work you did with Zero was fantastic, he has learned self control and patience. Thank you for the help! The new harness is amazing too as well!" Quotes
Kara Harris
Zero's Mum

Quotes Gary and Liz are ?life savers? I was having a very difficult time with my puppy?s biting, jumping, and destructive behaviours Thankfully I was directed to Gary and Liz for help. They came to my home gave great insight into my puppy?s behaviours; wonderful strategies for improving myself as a leader; simple effective methods for addressing my puppy?s difficult behaviours; and very importantly their methods were not hurtful for my puppy. Within the first week there was a significant improvement in my puppy?s behaviour. I am very thankful for their care, patience and support, for actively showing me the methods to use for my puppy, getting me to practice the techniques while they were with me, and providing me with valuable feedback. Gary and Liz are beautiful caring people. They help ensure we are blessed with the wonderful gifts our pets can be, and help us give our pets the life they deserve to have. I highly recommend them as the best dog trainers I have come across. Quotes
Sincerely thankful

Quotes We recently adopted Grace from RSPCA thinking she would be a great companion for our older blind dog Bomber. Being a rescue dog we had no idea what Grace had been through in her first year of life, but she see seemed quite shy and craving love & attention. After a few weeks Grace strarted acting out and attacking Bomber. We wanted to do everything we could to protect Bomber, but were heartbroken that Grace may have to return to RSPCA? As a family this was very hard decision as we had already fallen in love with her. We were at wits end, as everything we tried didn't seem to be helping. Thankfully Gary & Liz came to the rescue. Grace wasn't too fond of them to begin with, but we could instantly see that the insight they were giving us into her behaviour was helping us to understand each other and our roles in our family. We are so greatful to Gary & Liz for their wealth of knowledge and for making our home a calmer happy place, and highly recommend their services!! Quotes
Cameron & Denise
Happy parents

Quotes We recently adopted a new dog into our home and went from a one dog household to a two dog household. Our first dog was a real Princess and had never had to share, let alone have another dog in her space on a regular basis. Liz & Gary came highly recommended and they didn?t disappoint. With their assistance we have two happy dogs who are enjoying being together without any problems. They have fitted in beautifully with us and also together which was so important. Thank you Liz and Gary for doing such a good job training us all. We are one big happy family thanks to you both, and I know our situation had the potential to be a train wreck. It?s also reassuring that you?re only a phone call away if something comes up. Quotes
Andrea & Buffy
Satisfied Mum.

Quotes When I adopted my four-legged companion from the RSPCA, I asked the staff to recommend an obedience trainer. I was given Gary and Liz' details and promptly made one of the most important telephone calls of my life. Immediately I was reassured hearing Gary speak of their love for our K9 companions and everything he was saying complimented literature I had read on 'effective leadership' dog training. It took only a few moments to decide that Kwikhelp was the team I wanted to teach me to become an effective pack leader to my newest four-legged family member. Gary and Liz taught me to learn my dog's language and gain his respect through observation, positive rewards and cooperative rather than combative techniques. Their experience and friendly approach, coupled with their passion for animal welfare made for extremely pleasant learning experiences for me AND my dog. Thank you Gary and Liz'. Quotes
Geoff McKeon
"Extremely satisfied learner"

Quotes Charli & I have had the pleasure of dealing with Gary & Liz on two occassions now. They have so much knowledge and experiences to share. Our obedience classes have been just as much about training Charli as they have about training me & we love it. Beyond the training front Gary & Liz have provided me tips on how to care for Charli's health & have gone out of their way to ensure that she is receiving the right treatment. Charli spent a month in the pound due to being declared a restricted breed dog & has shown signs of her traumatic experience even though she is now home, she suffers separation anxiety & the fear that she will always be left behind. By getting Charli some training I have already seen a marked improvement in her behaviour & now all she wants to do is learn & practice her exercises with me. Had it not been for Gary and Liz I may never have been able to get Charli to settle & feel comfortable in her home again. We very much look forward to our classes every week! Quotes
Laura Stahl